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Funeral Directors’ new fleet will benefit the local environment   

Bellshill-based John Clark Funeral Service, which has served bereaved families in Bellshill and the surrounding North Lanarkshire area since it opened in 2001, has welcomed a brand-new fleet of hybrid Mercedes.

The new hearse and limousine, which combine both petrol and electric capabilities, can run in full electric mode for up to 30 miles, ensuring an entirely silent funeral procession, while producing zero emissions when driving through built-up areas.

Commenting on why this is an important step forward, Funeral Director John Clark Jr, said: “We have always taken great pride in our ability to provide our clients with a comfortable and dignified final journey but now, as well as being respectful to those who have passed, we are able to offer even greater respect for the welfare of those we live alongside in our community by offering a more environmentally friendly choice.”

John continued: “The new vehicles are a sign of our ongoing commitment to providing the highest possible standards in funeral care, which those in the area have come to know and trust.”

Founded by John Clark, John Clark Funeral Service – located in Jubilee Way, Bellshill – is now run by John’s two sons, Kevin and John Jr as part of the Funeral Partners family of businesses.

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