Planning the Funeral

You can make arrangements for a funeral yourself, but most people go to a funeral director who can take over all the arrangements. They can help you decide:

  • Where your loved one is to rest while awaiting the funeral.
  • The time and place of the funeral.
  • How much you intend to spend on the funeral.
  • Whether to have a funeral service.
  • Whether to have flowers, or to make any donations to a named charity.
  • Whether to put a notice in the newspapers.
  • Whether to choose burial or cremation for your loved one.

If you wish to have a funeral service you should contact the priest or minister of religion as soon as possible. Most priests or ministers appreciate a personal approach by relatives and can be helpful in many ways. If you wish to have the services of a priest or minister but do not know one in the area, most funeral directors will do their best to advise and in some cases arrange for one to officiate at the service.

If you would prefer to have a non-religious service at the funeral, you may be able to get help with this by contacting the Humanist Society of Scotland. The Society produces a leaflet describing its views and purposes that can be obtained from their website.